To speak to an Aqua-World professional, please contact us or call +44 (0) 1926 498203

To speak to an Aqua-World professional, please contact us or call +44 (0) 1926 498203

10.5KW Air Source Heat Pump With Defrost Function

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10.5KW Air Source Heat Pump

For pools < 45,000L

Air Source Heat Pumps from Aqua World Wood Pools provide the most cost effective and efficient method of heating your pool. The units are 400% more efficient than alternative heating methods and can operate down to -15⁰C.

Essentially working like an air conditioning unit in reverse, the heat pump uses the ambient air temperature to excite a refrigerant enclosed within the unit. The temperature of the refrigerant is raised thus generating heat in the process.

By diverting the flow from your pool re-circulation pump and sand filter system, the circulating water collects the heat generated by the ‘excited’ refrigerant. As long as the unit is switched on, heat will be provided to the temperature you set.

The units are quick to install and operate. With a simple in and out connection and electronic LCD temperature control panel the air source heat pump can heat your pool efficiently.


A sand filter is required to run this unit.

The unit connects into a 16AMP socket on an RCD circuit but we strongly recommend the unit is hard wired in by a qualified electrician.

The pump & sand filter and water hose are not included as standard. Please add to your order if required.

Product may differ slightly from the images shown.

Any customer cancelled orders will potentially be subject to a re-stocking or cancellation fee.

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